Things to Know Before Traveling Africa

Language of Africa

Language of Africa is various depending on the countries. Usually Upper part of Sahara desert uses Arabic, influenced by middle East Asia, which includes, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia. Other countries uses Swahili, French, English, etc. However, the countries visited most by the tourists had been British colonies in the past, which makes it easy to travel with using just English.


Religion of Africa

The dominant Religion of Africa is Christianity. Christianity became naturalized in many parts of Africa.


Food of Africa

Just like the other part of the world, African food industry is also becoming westernized, making it harder to see the traditional food traveling around Africa. It is easy to see franchise such as McDonalds in Africa. Africa Travel is not quite close with foodie travel, however, you can find some fine dining places in big cities such as Capetown.


Culture of Africa

Africa has a huge geographical variety, giving various choices to the travellers such as grassland, desert, Ocean, Beach, etc. Likewise, various religions such as Christianity, Islam coexist. Africa is called as a land of ‘variety’ for this region!


Budget for traveling Africa

Unfortunately, traveling Africa is quite expensive. Even though GDP of African countries are not that high, the price for traveling is very high, just like many developing countries making money through tourism. The visa fee is very expensive, in addition to the tour fee, accomodation and moving around. Especially, budget is directly related to the safety of travel, because the higher you pay, the safer place you can stay for sleep. What is noted is the average cost of travel goes up as you go to the south from the north.


Security of Africa Travel

It can be summed up as one sentence. “There is no 100% safe place in Africa.” Everyday, lots of robbery, theft, mugging happens everywhere. It is a good idea to travel within a group, with your friends or family. If you travel alone, there is a program called ‘Trucking’. It is a tour program which enables the group of people to travel together with a car made over into a special car, carrying all the belongings for camping and traveling. Usually you will cook your own food with the people and sleep at the camping site which is guarded with the huge fence.