Innisfree No Sebum Powder pact


My favorite travel cosmetics especially in hot countries!!

Hot places such as countries of South East Asia, Pacific islands made me sweat so much and it messed up my makeups! However, this item is very useful for the girls in that it gets rid of sebum of your face effectively, make your skin so tidy and clean even on very hot days.

Girls who struggle from sebum should have this item!

This has been a best seller in South Korea for a such a long time, and has lots of variation now due to its popularity in Asian countries. With so cheap price, you can maintain your beauty while traveling in hot countries!

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  • K-Beauty Best Item
  • 100% Authentic Korean Cosmetic
  • Bestseller item among Korean girls
  • How to use?
    At the last stage of makeup or after suncream, apply it to your face focusing on the oily parts. Applying it lightly right before eye liner or eye shadow will help you maintain eye makeup for a long time.