About Me

I am Jenny, writer of this website.

Hello! I am Jenny Yujin Eo from South Korea, living in New Zealand.

This is my travel blog and thank you for visiting my website.

I am a passionate world traveller having travelled 45 countries so far,

blogger who runs two blogs (Korean blog, English blog), student in New Zealand, whose previous career was teaching young adults literature & linguistics back in South Korea.

Curiosity always have driven me to explore some new things. I am an inquisitive person whose pursuit is knowing more about stuff, which made me  to study hard, read a lot, and travel around this world. Since I started to travel when I was in university, I found travelling very interesting because it made me see the world beyond the books and TV news. I was fascinated by the intellectual stimulus that travel gave me, which taught me about human lives, giving me the chance to think about this world.

I learned various field of knowledge through travelling and I think it is the best way to broaden one’s horizon indeed. I used to teach in school, luckily I had chances to share my experience and lessons with the young adults I used to teach. However, after moving to New Zealand, I got back to student and I started to look for some ways to share my experience with others out of teaching in schools. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others as much as learning itself! It is awesome that I can help other people to have some chance to develop themselves.

This is reason why I started this blog. Instead of keeping everything as my private information and memory, I want to share these with other people and help them to make a plan, grasp a chance to explore this world and develop one step further. Learning & Development is not only done in school. We can make a meaningful change of our lives, by developing ourselves, through travelling, reading, studying, doing all kinds of things that stimulates your brain in positive way.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and get some idea for your next adventure, and have some interesting discussions.

If you have any questions about the contents in my posting, you can ask me on this blog.

If you are a Korean speaker, you can check my Korean blog and send me messages through there too.


See you soon at new post. 🙂



With Love,